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3 Reasons Why Your To-Dos Are Not Getting Done
May 18, 2018
List makers – we know who we are, we rely on lists, maybe enjoy creating them, and definitely derive great joy from the act of marking something DONE. However, according to The Busy Person’s Guide to the Done List, by Janet Choi and Walter Chen of iDoneThis, 41% of to-do list items NEVER get done. This means you are likely spending valuable time writing the same tasks on your new lists wondering why it is you just can’t seem to ever make progress on them. To make sure your lists are a tool for productivity rather than procrastination, take a fresh look at how you define your tasks and how you structure your lists themselves and consider these common problems that might be preventing you from conquering more of the 59% of tasks still on your list:


Resume Tips and Misconceptions to Make Writing Easier
February 3, 2017
Is WRITING your resume your biggest roadblock to launching your job search?
If so, I have 3 Misconceptions and 5 Tips to consider when working on your resume(s) that are based on my experience from working with job seekers, placement professionals, and hiring managers. Hopefully, after some consideration, this advice – while providing no answers – will ease a bit of your anxiety about creating and updating your resume, so you can get started with your actual search.