Coaching Support

Whether your desire is to hone a specific skill or, more broadly, develop your management and leadership skills so you can "get to the next level", Stand Tall Coaching can help you achieve your career goals. We provide structure and true accountability as we work together to refine your goals and create work plans that set you up for sustainable success.


Intentionally cultivate your leadership skills and capabilities to manage and motivate teams, increase the impact you are able to have on individuals and organizations, and attain your personal goals.

Working with a leadership coach will help you identify and leverage your natural strengths, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and create a work plan to take your leadership skills and strategies to the next level.

In addition to any number of specific skills, some key areas leadership coaching addresses are:

  • Executive Presence
  • Delegation
  • Decision-making
  • Developing Others
  • Motivating Teams

Skills Development

Address specific gaps in your skills or capabilities you need to succeed in the job you have today or the career you wish to have in the future.

This process will involve assessing where you are today, defining where you want to be, and understanding both what is holding you back and how you benefit once you've achieved your goal(s). With honesty, commitment, and practice, you will be able to achieve more in the near and long-term.

Common skills we need in our ever-changing workplace include many of the Leadership Coaching areas as well as:

  • Presentations & Public Speaking
  • Listening and Conversations
  • Time Management
  • Meeting Management & Participation

Career Focus

Climbing the corporate ladder? Thinking about jumping off? Whether you are plotting your next move, or stepping back completely to determine if you are on the right path can be scary and intimidating. A career coach is a great partner to have as your make small adjustments or completely shift your career focus.

Stand Tall Coaching grounds this process in personal values to ensure your focus is one that you are excited to and capable of achieving, but also inspires and motivates you to succeed.

Steps include:

  • Envisioning  and articulating your future
  • Assessing where you are today
  • Developing an exciting path forward with a network of your biggest supporters.