How do we coach?


We are happy to hold coaching sessions in-person, over-the-phone, or via Skype or FaceTime. If you have an alternative mode of holding sessions - please let us know and we'll consider it!


Sessions are filled with honest, question-led discussion, reflection, and review of homework assignments. 

Depending on the coachee’s needs, goals, or phase of engagement, homework may be in the form of readings, worksheets, thought exercises, or behavioral and thought experiments.


We believe the power of coaching comes from the relationship between the coach and coachee. Both parties have unique roles which are defined specifically to serve the needs of the coachee.

As the coach, Stand Tall

  • creates a safe and provocative place and time for the coachee to observe, reflect, evaluate, and experiment by withholding all judgement and maintaining strict confidentiality
  • helps the coachee discern between his/her needs and those of others
  • knows all “answers” are the coachee’s to discover (not the coach’s, manager’s, wife’s, mother’s or brother’s…..)

The coachee comes to sessions ready to

  • lay everything on the table
  • step out of his/her comfort zone
  • challenge the status quo
  • (above all) be honest