How else can we help?

Our coaching focuses on exploration, experimentation, and growth; we also can provide consulting services. These are typically deadline-driven, discrete engagements where we provide expertise or capacity to help you achieve defined goals.

Whether you begin working with Stand Tall for coaching and discover specific consultative needs, or if you uncover coaching needs through a consulting engagement,  Stand Tall is able to shift gears to provide you the services you need at the moment.


Examples of our ability to consult for organizations and individuals

Organziational Design

Effective organizational design takes into account accountability, work flow, decision-making, and incentives. At its core, organizational design is about the right people in the right seats to leverage their talents and skills - and then organizing those seats so the entire team can work efficiently.

Stand Tall works with managers and teams to understand desired outcomes and help articulate the most effective organizational design to support them.  This iterative process involves multiple stakeholder interviews to incorporate differing perspectives and to capture hidden bottlenecks and stress points to streamline decision-making and increase collaboration.

Management Reporting

"Who needs to know what?", "how often?", and "for what reason?" are the essential questions that need to be answered to design useful management reports. Understanding what information is critical versus "good to know" is a main driver.

After answering those formative questions, Stand Tall begins the collaborative work of designing intuitive reports that transform data into usable information begins.

Job Search Readiness

Stand Tall helps individuals feel confident in their job search process.  The detailed review and feedback loop we provide for professional documents and the focused approach to mock interviews helps clients better communicate the specific and unique value they bring to a potential employer. 

Resume and LinkedIn Reviews

  • Confirm your resume and profile do not contain inappropriate jargon, errant typos, or distracting formatting
  • Ensure the structure, order, and content of your resume and online profile aligns with the positions for which you are applying
  • Establish a strategy for quickly updating and customizing your resume for specific applications

Price structure: $150/review cycle (based on a 2-3 page resume)

Interview Preparation and Mock Interview Practice Sessions

  • Better articulate your experiences and demonstrate your abilities to create value to the organization.
  • Refine your demeanor, physical presence, and communication style in the context of phone, one-on-one, and panel-style interviews.

Price structure: $150/session (approximately 1 hour)